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July 18 2011

I just bought a Dyson DC25. I am slightly disappointed with my new vacuum for 2 reasons. First the extension hose is so stiff that vacuuming my stairs is a major chore. Secondly, it seems I need specialized tools to release the housing that holds the brush bar.

Can you offer any solution to my problem?


I have owned the Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum cleaner for more than a year and a half. It is an excellent vacuum for pet hair.

To answer your first question. All the Dyson upright vacuums that I own had stiff hoses when they were new. However you just need to use the vacuum hose a few times for it to be easy for you to pull up your stairs.

You do not need to get or buy any specialized tools to unscrew the screws that are on your vacuum’s head. Just use a 25 cent coin to unscrew the two screws on the vacuum head and you will have easy access to the brush bar. This by the way is by design. Dyson vacuums do not require screw drivers or any other tool to open them up. That is on of the advantages of buying a Dyson vacuum.

One other thing I love about owning a Dyson is the fast and helpful customer support. I called them once when I thought my DC07 was not working properly. The customer support agent asked me to perform a few tests then he waited for me to do them. In the end we discovered that I had set the vacuum to clean bare floors and not carpets.

I hope that helps


November 28 2010

I have two Shelties who are mostly indoor dogs. Their very long hair gets wound around the vacuum brush and the motor overheats. About every ten minutes or so, I have to turn the vacuum over and manually cut the hair off the brush so the motor doesn’t burn out. Most of my floors are carpeted.

Even though I would love to have one, I can’t afford a Dyson. I would also like a vacuum with no belt, or one that’s easy to change. I’m not as young or strong as I would like to be (I’m 71), but I’m the only one here to do what needs to be done.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Elizabeth G.

Hi Elizabeth,

I do find it odd that your vacuum motor overheats so often. Have you already done any of the following:

  • If you have a vacuum that uses bags, have you put in a new bag?
  • If you have a bagless vacuum, have you emptied the bin?
  • If your vacuum has a separate filter, have you replaced it? If the filter is reusable have you cleaned it and or washed it?

If your vacuum is still overheating it could be clogged or pet hair and other debris could be in the motor.

In general, the purpose of the brush is to dig up debris in your carpet after which the vacuum’s intake system sucks in the debris and deposits it in a bag or bin. If there is not enough suction then debris like pet hair will easily get tangled in the brush bristles. If the debris on the brush makes it difficult for the brush to rotate, the motor will overheat.

You could take your current vacuum to a qualified vacuum technician who will service it. Sometimes dog hair gets into the motor and the motor just needs to be cleaned and the motor housing resealed using new parts like rubber rings. I had a canister vacuum in the late 90s which worked like new after service. But the vacuum cost $1500 so it was worth the $50 service fee.

My current crop of vacuums have picked up lots of pet hair as I run a dog boarding business, yet I probably need to clean out the vacuum brush once a month (or longer). Another reason your vacuum motor is overheating could be due to clumped up pet hair that is creating a blockage in the vacuum intake system. I suspect the intake hole right behind your vacuum’s brush maybe partially blocked. This article will show you how to remove the brush so that you can reach and clear debris from the hole. You should also check the vacuum hose for clogs. Pet hair and debris can also get lodged in sharp bends in the intake system especially if the debris was damp as it was being vacuumed. I have written a detailed article about vacuuming pet hair which may help you further.

So your issue is probably in the vacuum motor and or a blockage.

If you are looking for a new vacuum, I would recommend the Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140-900.

I have 3 reasons for my recommendation:

  1. The Hoover Tempo is a very light vacuum. Weighing 16 pounds, it is the lightest vacuum for pet hair.
  2. Costing less than $80.00, the vacuum is cheap.
  3. The Tempo does an excellent job vacuuming pet hair

There are a few things to bear in mind.

  1. The Tempo uses bags. The need for vacuum bags will increase when your Shelties are shedding heavily. However regularly brushing and combing your Shelties will reduce the amount of pet hair on your carpets.
  2. The vacuum comes with a one year warranty
  3. The Hoover Tempo only comes with basic accessories like a furniture nozzle and crevice tool. This may not be a problem for you

I hope that helps


August 14 2010


I own a dog day care and really need a good vacuum to pick up dog hair on the floor, in corners, on the stairs AND in the car. So I do need an upholstery attachment if its going to be an upright. Which do you think is best for this sort of a job– so we are talking massive amounts of hair, 20+ dogs a day.

Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!

I would recommend a Dyson vacuum. I mostly use different models of Dyson vacuums. For doggie daycare you definitely need to stay away from canister vacuums unless it’s a Rainbow. You also need to focus on bag-less vacuums otherwise you will end up paying hundreds of dollars a year in filters and bags. Also bear in mind that you may be considered a commercial user by many vacuum manufacturers therefore most warranties will be much shorter.

If all you have are bare floors, I would recommend just getting a good wet/dry vac. I use a powerful 6.25hp Sears craftsman wet/dry vacuum that also has a blower and a washable filter. I believe the wet/dry vac cost me $250 back in 2003. It has a huge bin that will allow you to get to all the dog hair and dirt without emptying the bin. If your floor is bare but also has a rubber padding for the dogs to play on to reduce injuries just look for the right accessory for the wet dry vac that will allow it to glide over the rubber without sticking. But if you have carpets then I would say get a Dyson. If you use a wet/dry vac on carpets it will quickly wear the rugs down. It is also extremely difficult to maneuver the wet/dry vac over any carpet. Note a wet dry vac can rip up glued on linoleum or plastic floor tiles so be careful if you have these types of floor surfaces.

The best vacuum for pet hair for my dog boarding and daycare business is the Dyson DC25 Animal. You will love the accessories. I know I was impressed. The ‘ball’ action makes it quick to vacuum around corners. I also like the way I can fully extend the vacuum under say a table without the front of the vacuum head rising up. Also switching from floor to carpet is as easy as flipping a switch near the handle. Finally, weighing about 16 pounds, the Dyson DC25 Animal is a light weight vacuum cleaner. Weight is an important consideration because you probably need to vacuum your dog daycare more than once a day.

Now there are two things that I find a bit annoying with the DC25.

  1. The bin is smaller than that of the average vacuum.

    If you have 20 dogs a day you will empty your bin I would say at least 3 times per vacuuming session especially in the summer. However, no non wet/dry vacuum can contain all the hair from 3 or more heavily shedding dogs like Akitas in one bin. You could try spreading the vacuuming sessions throughout the day but be aware that some wonderful, passive dogs do go into a blind rage and attack vacuums. That’s another reason I like Dyson vacuums, it is very difficult for any dog to sink their teeth into the smooth, durable, curvy plastic casing. In any case try to keep the dogs away while vacuuming or learn which ones hate vacuums.

  2. The cord is relatively short.

    The Dyson DC25’s vacuum cord length is 24 feet. The average cord length for all the upright vacuums that we have reviewed is about 30 feet. This may not be an issue for you since most dog daycare businesses are in large warehouse type structures and therefore there will be many power outlets.

For the car the wet/dry vac or the Dyson will work well. But the best way to go is to get a hand held vacuum. It is an additional cost but it will save you time and reaching some areas will be much easier.

Wish you the best,



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  • Jodi S. says:


    I was wondering which vacuum you suggest for someone with two dogs (a german shepherd 8 month old and a Black lab 4 year old.) I also have a rabbit and allergies, so i am trying to find something that will help with all. I am currently looking at either the Dyson Animal DC 25 and the Shark Navigator. Any assistance in figuring which might be better to get for two dogs? I have tried other vacuums (Hoover pet and Dirt Devil) and neither stayed working long enough from the pet hair :(

    Thank you!


    • William_@_Dog_Hair_Vacuum says:

      The Dyson DC25 Animal would be an ideal pet hair vacuum especially for allergies. When it comes to shedding, your German Sheppard would shed the most but the DC25 will handle such issues quite easily. One quick tip, when your Sheppard is shedding, try not to wait until you have layers of dog hair on your carpet before starting to vacuum.

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