Hoover Platinum Bagless UH70015 Vacuum Cleaner

Pet owners the world over struggle with the inevitable problem of loose pet hairs. While daily brushing helps, the pet that snoozes on your favorite chair or couch usually leaves some hair behind. And then there is all the hairs that fall to the floor just from normal pet traffic, never mind a little rough-housing now and then. The Hoover Platinum Bagless UH70015 Vacuum Cleaner has been specially designed for just such homes. This could be appropriately called a dog hair vacuum because of the design features, although it certainly functions well in all the normal capacities of an upright all purpose floor vacuum.

Pet hairs often seem resistant to average suction, especially when they are attached to your furniture or carpet. This upright bagless machine has patented windtunnel technology to ensure the greatest suction, regardless of type of surface. It is its own virtual hair-cleaning system. The hand-held turbo brush rotates as it is driven by suction power to agitate the carpet and the upholstery, loosening pet hairs from their grip. This little brush works extremely well on furniture and drapery. It easily cleans the sides of your chairs and couches, places against where your pet is apt to brush.

The expandable hose, when coupled with the two extension wands of this dog hair vacuum, gives the user fourteen feet of cleaning reach. That makes the staircase a very manageable project. Even high walls and ceilings are no longer out of reach. The crack and crevice tool is great for those tiny spaces under radiators or beneath couch cushions where pet hairs seem to multiply. The fact that this is a bagless vacuum means that after each use you can simply empty the dust, debris, and pet hair. Immediate disposal is important in any home that has allergy concerns. The lifetime HEPA Filter also addresses this issue.

The Hoover Platinum Vacuum Cleaner was designed specifically for the unique needs of pet owners. However, it does not sacrifice any of its other valuable assets to do so. The upright works well on all types of floors, from linoleum to tile to carpet. A simple press of a switch adjusts your machine accordingly. This model still has that great Hoover three year warranty on parts and labor. You will not face the nuisance and expense of purchasing vacuum cleaner bags. The automatic reel in cord is an asset as well. Simply unplug your cord from its wall connection, press a lever, and the machine reels in its own cord effortlessly.

The Hoover UH70015 model can very fairly be labeled a dog hair vacuum cleaner because of its unique design and features. As a pet edition in the trusted line of Hoovers, it does a good job of capturing pet hair from floors, furniture and drapery. Your pet will no longer be a threat to your sitting areas when you know that you can remove all evidence of his presence quickly and easily. This Hoover makes pet ownership just that much easier.

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